Learn What is Stack?

Stack is an easy-to-use research tool for crypto investors and traders. Think of it as your AI investing companion, automating research and analysis to help you make better decisions.

The problem

We know that spotting good crypto investment opportunities is difficult. Investing on gut instinct and rumors is risky and inefficient. Good fundamental and technical research is necessary, yet it’s all too easy to drown yourself in endless metrics and meaningless chart indicators.

In order to solve this problem, we developed a tool that uses a ranking system combined with automated, AI powered technical analysis to surface potential crypto trades.

The solution


We've developed four ranks: Momentum Rank, Developer Rank, Social Rank and Liquidity Rank.

These ranks incorporate over 50 metrics into simple ranks, normalized from 0-100 (a percentile rank, where 100 is best).

These individual ranks plus the combined Stack Rank (total) let you quickly identify and check whether a crypto project is active, how the price is moving relative to other assets, whether people are talking about it and whether the fundamentals are good.


Stack Insights automate technical analysis for you.

Each day, millions of data points across thousands of assets are scanned and then tested to see if various indicators historically led to bullish or bearish price action.