About Stack

Crypto Research Done Right

There’s a revolution happening in the world of money. The pace of innovation is like nothing we've ever seen before.

At Stack, we're obsessed with crypto and have been from the start.

But, we've not been happy with the tools available. All too often the standard is sub-par.

That's why we decided to build a better one.

The problem

Valuing and spotting good crypto investment opportunities is difficult. Investing on gut instinct and rumors is risky and inefficient. Yet it’s all too easy to drown yourself in endless metrics, many of which are hard to understand and hard to compare across projects.

The solution

Stack is a simple and effective platform to help discover great crypto projects. We've developed three ranks: Developer Rank, Social Rank and Fundamental Rank.

These ranks incorporate over 50 metrics into simple ranks, normalized from 0-100 (a percentile rank, where 100 is best).

These individual ranks plus the combined Coinrank (total) let you quickly identify and check whether a crypto project is active, whether people are talking about it and whether the fundamentals are good.

The Ranks Explained

Fundamental Rank

Fundamental rank is calculated by analyzing several core value and liquidity metrics including:

  • Market Capitalization
  • Trading Volume
  • Turnover Ratio (volume/market cap)

Developer Rank

The Developer rank analyzes the activity on the crypto projects source code repositories (repos). Stack analyzes up to 100 repos, sorted by most active. This is more than any other crypto analysis tool known. Key metrics include:

  • Commits (weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • Lines of code added/subtracted

Social Rank

This is calculated by looking at the social community around the project both in terms of size and activity. Metrics include:

  • Reddit subscribers and activity
  • Twitter followers and activity
  • Telegram users
  • Facebook followers
  • Website popularity