LUNA Founder Do Kwon Dissolved Terraform Labs Days Before Crash

LUNA Founder Do Kwon Dissolved Terraform Labs Days Before Crash

In Brief

  • Court documents reveal that Do Kwon dissolved Terraform Labs Korea days before LUNA crash.

  • This revelation has raised suspicion within the crypto community due to their potential correlation to the events of the Terra (LUNA) and UST stablecoin financial obliteration in the early hours of May 10.

Court documents have revealed that the CEO of Terraform Labs Korea, Do Kwon, dissolved the company just days before the LUNA crash.

New revelations about a document published before the LUNA crash could provide more detail about the reasons for the UST crash.

The story of the LUNA crash has taken yet another remarkable turn, with legal documents revealing the liquidation of two South Korean offices and the dissolution of the TerraForm Labs Korea corporation before the collapse.

South Korean news outlet Digital Today initially reported that Do Kwon successfully instigated the liquidation of two branches and an entire company.

BUSAN and Seoul offices were agreed to be dissolved during a general shareholders meeting on April 30th. They were dissolved on May 4th and 6th, respectively.

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