Lacoste Launches Web3 ecosystem UNDW3

Lacoste Launches Web3 ecosystem UNDW3

In Brief

  • Lacoste has entered the web3 ecosystem with UNDW3, pronounced underwater.UNDW3 will allow the Lacoste community to participate in furthering the brand’s fashion-sport vision.

  • Through UNDW3, Lacoste community members will be able to own the brand in a creative way.

  • The collection will comprise 11,212 pieces, with each NFT going for 0.08 Ethereum (ETH), approximately $100-$120.By holding the Lacoste NFTs, collectors will get access to the brand’s web3 universe.

Lacoste has joined the web3 economy, launching UNDW3

Luxury brand Lacoste has launched a whole new sub-brand, UNDW3. It's a crypto-based move that is intended to take them into the future.

Lacoste recently announced that its launching UNDW3 which allows the To Train the Lacoste community to own the brand in a creative way. The company is also setting up a Discord server to allow community members to be informed about developments as Lacoste enters the web3 universe.

Over 30,000 people subscribed to the Discord channel of Lacoste web3 ecosystem within the first 48 hours of its launch, showing great interest in what it has to offer.

Lacoste is releasing its first NFT collection on June 14. It will have 11,212 pieces, each costing 0.08 Ethereum (ETH), which is around $100-$120. The NFTs will have pictures of the Lacoste crocodile emerging from water, with each one being unique.

By holding the Lacoste NFTs, collectors will get access to the brand’s web3 universe. This is a long-term collaborative community that will offer digital and physical benefits.

Lacoste is trying to connect various communities and cultures with its foray into the web3 ecosystem. The initiative seeks to bring together NFTs, Lacoste fans, and pop culture enthusiasts. UNDW3 is just Lacoste’s first step into the web3 ecosystem.

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