IOVLabs to Introduce "Everyday DeFi" Initiative on Consensus 2022

IOVLabs to Introduce "Everyday DeFi" Initiative on Consensus 2022

In Brief

  • IOVlabs is introducing a new initiative called "Everyday DeFi" which is designed to make DeFi solutions more accessible to the average internet user.

  • The initiative will be unveiled at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas.

  • The goal of the initiative is to lower the entry barrier to the DeFi segment by making existing solutions simpler.

  • IOVlabs is also introducing a new protocol called RIF Aggregation which is a second-layer scalability protocol for the RSK platform.

IOVLabs is going to unveil a new initiative designed to speed up the adoption of DeFi solutions globally, according to an official announcement.

The current solutions for DeFi are too complicated for regular users. This is why it has only been adopted by a small group of advanced users. IOVlabs is working to change this by creating technologies like the Rootstock Blockchain and the RIF platform. These make DeFi more accessible and affordable. We want to build a DeFi ecosystem that is usable by everybody.

The "Everyday DeFi" program will allow the global crypto community to experiment with IOVLabs' RIF Aggregation, which is the most advanced technical solution.

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